We launched our new immersive experience unit “Leap Studio” to create impactful new ways of connecting brands and users.

May 5, 2022
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In the past years, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web technologies have made a giant leap forward. People can now meet online in virtual worlds, buy products through AR or experience far-away places from their living room in VR. At the same time, users have become saturated with regular linear content on social media, YouTube and websites. Between these two developments, a big need has opened up for creating experiences that engage people in a new way.

We’re now launching Leap Studio to allow ambitious brands to take a leap forward and be the first to launch their brands into the Metaverse.

From VR experiences to AR enabled games and e-commerce — The future holds great new possibilites.

“We believe it’s our purpose to enable amazing ideas and stories that stay with our users across multiple touchpoints — to immerse and connect them in virtual worlds. That’s why it’s the right time to dive deeper into immersive technologies. Everything is ready. Now it’s on us to use the moment and take a leap into the immersive future of digital experiences and connections.”, says Alexander Dohr, CCO of &why.

In the last two years, the &why team behind Leap Studio has created numerous consequential VR experiences, helped e-commerce businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic through AR and has brought together people from all over the world together through shared digital experiences. These experiences have already shaped the future of connection and Leap Studio will build on this experience to go even further.

“We learned from our past projects that there is a need out there for a unit that is not only reacting to the changing technology landscape of immersive technology, but also proactively trying to shape it. From gaming, virtual tours, AR-driven e-commerce, and most of all impactful, immersive stories are just some examples of services that we strongly believe agencies need to offer for the brands of the future. We’ve got some amazing talent and partners on-board to craft the next generation of digital connections.” says Juan Cuadra, Leap Studio Lead and Creative Technology specialist.

“Juan has built up our team in this area and is a real wizard when it comes to immersive technologies. His rapid prototyping approach and passion for storytelling are the perfect combination of skills to enhance our &why talent.”, Florian Pinger, CEO of &why says.

You can find out more about the possibilities on our new Leap Studio page at: https://leap.why.de

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you have. Also make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Medium for future cases and best-practices.

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