Brand Benchmark Program

In a focused sprint, our Brand Benchmarking Strategy Workshop sets startups up to be the digital leader in their field.

Will your startup set the benchmark for an industry?

A well crafted brand acts as a multiplier for your customer acquisition and fanbase. Startups in particular need to prove their ability to lead the change, drive transformation and implement bold ideas. 

Our 2-day brand benchmarking workshop sets companies on the path for growth and market leadership. You'll be ready for the next years of growth and receive a basis to create an industry leading brand design and website.

Creating digital benchmarks.

We interview founders, collect data about your target group, check on the competition, carve out an unique positioning and create a brand strategy that is based on insights and facts and our unique methodology: The &why brand benchmark radar.

Brand Discovery

Company & Brand Audit
Trend & Market Analysis 
Target Group Analysis

Brand Strategy

Brand DNA
Personality & Positioning
Customer Journey Mapping

Brand Identity

Visual Brand Identity
Verbal Brand Identity

Brand Building

Website / Portal
Social Interaction
SEO & Performance Strategy

Three steps to power brand success.

Deep research before our workshop.

The week before our workshops we’ll conduct interviews and study your brand and competitors. We provide clarity and an overview of your brand’s status quo and elaborate where it needs to catch up to become a benchmark.

Interviews with founders and employee
Analysis of Customer, Market and Brand Data

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Workshop Day One: Discovering your truth

Now we’ll start designing your benchmark strategy. We’ll discover your company, customer, and market in depth and gain core insights to serve as a fundament for our differentiation and positioning. We identify the core needs of your target group and how to create value for them. We’ll define the market where you’re playing and define your niche.

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Workshop Day Two: Forming a brand strategy

The second workshop day pursues the goal to carve out your unique position using the results of the first day for a differentiating, brand-building content strategy.

Which topic is highly relevant for your target groups, but has not yet been addressed as a field of communication? How can this topic be occupied and exploited for the brand? How can it be scaled and played across channels and media? Does the topic have the potential to be used for years and possibly also internationally?

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