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A New kind of agency



In a complex world, our experiences cut through the noise by telling immersive stories while fast-tracking users to the information they need.
What’s it exactly that we do so well? From Interactive Websites to PWAs to complex Portals, we use state of the art technology (Typo3, Vue.JS, React.JS), strong strategy and bold creativity to deliver information precisely, tell a products story through interactions or simply engage your future employees.

Why work with us? It’s pretty simple, really. We believe in clarity and deep collaboration. We live and breathe technology & design and while we’re partners at heart we’re not afraid of proposing bold change. We certainly don’t mind it but we’re not in this for the money, our purpose is to create emotional connections for good forces. Our young and ambitious team understands tomorrow’s customers and today’s businesses.
We used to be exutec. Now we are &why - a digital agency at the intersection of creativity and technology. We create digital-first brands, web-experiences and connected ecosystems that build long-term relationships and turn human connections into business value.
Why did we change? We've opened our second office in Berlin, our team has grown to over 35 people, and both internally and in terms of our projects, &why is becoming more and more international. And at the same time, looking back, the last few years has shown us that our brand is no longer coherent with who we are: critical partners, strategic thinkers and passionate nerds at heart.
What has changed? In short, nothing will dramatically change: with the rebranding we have emphasized what we already are in cooperation with you. And our independence, an important prerequisite for courage and creativity, will remain intact - we are still 100% owner-managed.