B Corp Communication

Let's go beyond a simple announcement and leverage your B Corp certification as a successful campaign.

B Corp Communication isn't easy. We're here to help, at no cost.

Community Engagement & Education

Help your audience understand what being a B Corp means, why this matters to them and how your business is a force for good.

Unique Positioning

Becoming B Corp certified is a hell of a feat, and communicating this properly will set you apart from everyone else.

Increase Lead Generation

There’s plenty of consumers and companies out there who are looking for the right brand that shares their values. This is a great chance to be discovered!

We help B Corps communicate their achievements.

Since we received our own B Corp certification in 2022, we’ve been deeply involved in supporting B Corps in Europe by offering pro bono support on what we do best: creative ideas & strategy.

Process Overview

What we'll do


Fill our survey

Help us understand your goals and motivations behind the B Corp certification.


Discovery Workshop

Let’s brainstorm something authentic and creative and make a splash in just 2 hours guided ideation.


Concept Phase

We will break our findings down into concepts, ready for you to explore.


Ready to go..?

Receive a summary of the findings and concept ideas. Ready to create tangible actions.

Deliverables & Packages

Everything you need to start developing

At the end of this phase, you will be ready to start development. Be it with us, or with your own engineering team.


UX Strategy Report


UI Design & Prototype


Design System


Animations & Micro-Interactions

UI/UX Audit

Identify weaknesses and improvement potential for your product.

Product Moonshot

Develop a product strategy and a functional prototype that aligns team and stakeholders around a common vision.

Product Optimisation

Deep dive into core features to create solutions that increase efficiency and unleash new potential.

Design Sprint

Pair with our UX team to rapidly design your product's look and feel.

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